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Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

Monitored security systems are connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre. When an alarm is activated, they can alert the appropriate emergency services in the event of a burglary, fire, or personal attack.

A monitored alarm can provide a confirmed signal to pass to the emergency services – often a requirement of your insurers. Key holders for the protected building will also be notified and can include building managers or key holding response companies who can ensure that the premises is secure after an incident and take any actions required quickly to minimise impact on your home.

Police forces will not respond to a traditional ringing bell or siren alarm unless there is evidence of an offence in progress or a 999 call is made with information about an offence being committed.


Most insurance companies insist that alarm systems are monitored to provide Police Response in the event of an incident. We provide 24/365 monitoring by our Alarm receiving centre (ARC) who will quickly confirm alarms and notify Police, key holders or service engineers.

Simply detecting an intruder and operating local sounders (bells or sirens) on the building is not enough, help should be summoned without delay.

Traditional bell-only alarms may alert neighbours or passersby, but they offer little protection.

Always check with your home and contents insurers what level of monitoring is required in relation to your policy. Without adherence to the guidelines, your insurance becomes null and void.


Whilst CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent and can provide recorded video footage for post event evidence, the benefit is enhanced through real time remote monitoring of your CCTV system – providing extra eyes during an event and response through live audio challenge to would-be intruders as well as recording the situation.

When intelligently linked with remote monitoring, CCTV can also prevent crime; the monitoring station can give audio warnings to potential attackers or assistance to visitors.


Most fires start in the small hours when buildings are unattended or residents are asleep. Reliable detection linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is the only way to ensure an immediate fire brigade response.

Our fire monitoring services save lives by enabling fast alerts for the emergency services. As soon as signs of fire are detected a signal is transmitted to the ARC and the local fire service alerted along with key holders.

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