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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Most fatal home fires occur at night. Protect yourself and your family from fire, smoke, and toxic carbon monoxide gas, with a fire protection system that can alert you of the danger in time to escape.

Did you know that 1 in 3 smoke alarms fail to work and warn residents of a fire; mainly due to missing or non working batteries?

For this reason, we recommend the installation of a domestic fire alarm. We can install standalone devices connected to your home power supply, or they can be connected to your intruder alarm. Solutions are available from simple battery alarms to integrated alarms that notify the fire brigade automatically for emergency response.

We will also perform a detailed Fire Risk Assessment of your property to determine potential fire hazards, advising where necessary on how improvements could be made to ensure the safety of your home.

In addition to fire and smoke/gas detection and for your added security, we can supply and install fire safety products such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency lighting and fire escape ladders.

Intergrated Security Solutions also supply and install Fire Proof Safes to protect your valuable paperwork or possessions in the event of a fire (eg. birth certificates, passports, bank details, digital photos, spare keys). Unlike a conventional safe, they are built to withstand extreme temperatures for extended periods of time to protect these often irreplaceable items during serious fires.

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