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CCTV &  Video Security

Closed Circuit Television for the domestic market provides a high level of home security and operates as an instantly recognisable deterrent to both intruders and trespassers.

Widely used to monitor the security of shopping malls, streets and public transport, CCTV can also have great added benefits to your home security. Providing insightful real-time security, you can monitor areas of your property from one convenient location.

The CCTV systems we install can be securely accessed on your home computer network and with the appropriate authentication details your CCTV images can even be viewed remotely on any internet-connected computer, from any location.

Internet-accessible Covert Camera Systems can also be installed, either permanently or on a temporary basis, to survey the activities of cleaners, nannies and other persons with access to your home, or to record abusive or antisocial behaviour.

There are particular legislations to consider when installing CCTV systems in your home. While the Data Protection Act does not apply to an individuals' property, our professional engineers will install your system to respect the privacy of your neighbours and to ensure that it doesn't legally compromise you in the future.

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