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Experience a home where you can monitor and control your lighting, heating and air conditioning systems to improve the comfort and quality of your environment.

Our complete home automation systems create optimum energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the temperature according to your lifestyle and control it remotely and manage all environmental and home systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort or convenience.

Even if you are due to arrive home early, you can simply use your laptop or iPhone to adjust the temperature of your thermostat to ensure that a warm and welcoming awaits you, particularly useful in the winter months. You can even monitor and set the temperature of your wine cooler or the Jacuzzi!

You can also schedule curtains and blinds to slowly rise to gently wake you in the morning, then close again at sundown for privacy and to reduce light pollution. Using this system allows you to maximise light within your home during daylight hours and illuminate a room efficiently, rendering electrical light to only be used when absolutely necessary.

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